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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

117218, Moscow, Krzhizhanovsky st., 16/1

Environmentally friendly processes

Our production priorities are to reduce adverse environmental impact and minimise environmental risks.

SIBUR is continuously improving its environmental management system. It covers all production stages: R&D, investing in new green technologies, manufacturing ESG products, upgrading production facilities, reducing pollutant emissions and discharges, implementing circular economy projects, involving partners in bringing sustainable development principles to life, etc.

Key highlights

RUB 3.6 bn

spent on environmental protection in 2020.

Zero cases

of exceeding maximum permissible concentrations of pollutant emissions and discharges.


increase in green electricity consumption by the Company's facilities as compared to 2019.

SIBUR’s targets for improving environmental safety at production sites until 2025.

Reducing per-unit water consumption by at least 5%*, per-unit mass of contaminants in wastewater – by 40%*.

SIBUR consumes considerable amounts of water. We seek to optimise our water use by cutting down on per-unit water consumption, recycling and reusing water, and maximising discharge treatment efficiency.

Reducing per-unit pollutant emissions by at least 5%*.

The Company is continuously monitoring atmospheric air quality at its production facilities. We introduce new technologies to mitigate the impact of production processes on the atmosphere.

Recycling at least 50% of all waste generated; minimising the amount of plastic particles leaking into the environment from production facilities.

We adopt a responsible approach to our environmental footprint. Minimising the volume of industrial waste and maximising recycling reduces our impact on the environment and improves business efficiency.

* – compared to 2018.

Environmental management system

SIBUR's environmental management system has been integrated into the holding's governance structure at all levels: from the Board of Directors and the Management Board to individual subsidiaries. The system is ISO 14001 certified and is subject to regular external audits. In 2020, the certification body recommended that the certification covering all SIBUR's production sites be extended for the next three years.

  • The corporate risk matrix includes sustainability, environmental, and ecological risks, etc
  • We audit suppliers and contractors for environmental compliance and engage partners in the industry’s sustainable development activities
  • When planning investment projects and R&D, we take into account all potential risks of negative environmental impact
Operation Clean Sweep Manual (ENG)
3.89 МБ

Water resource protection

In production we rely on substantial amounts of water resources. As a company, we invest heavily in modernising our equipment and environment-related infrastructure with a view to cutting down on specific water consumption, recycling and reusing water, and maximising discharge treatment efficiency.

In 2020, we approved a Water Resource Management Strategy, which forms part of our overarching 2025 Sustainable Development Strategy.

Key areas:

  • Water supply systems optimisation
  • Reuse of treated discharges in production
  • Reduction of the mass of contaminants in wastewater, upgrade or reconstruction of local treatment facilities

Water protection measures:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Reuse of treated process water
  • Timely maintenance and repair of equipment and water supply and sewage systems
  • Monitoring of treatment quality
  • Construction or reconstruction of treatment facilities
  • Implementation of closed-loop water recirculation systems
  • Optimisation of water recirculation systems using digital technologies

Highlights (in 2020):


per-unit water consumption down 9.4%


per-unit mass of contaminants in wastewater down 16.7%


total water disposal down 45%

Atmospheric air protection

We have put in place a system to continuously monitor air quality and are introducing cutting-edge solutions to control and reduce pollutant emissions at our sites.

By minimising our environmental footprint we contribute to the Clean Air national project to cut cumulative emissions in major industrial hubs.

Highlights (in 2020):

down 11%

year-on-year pollutant emissions (excluding new sites) down 11% y-o-y

zero cases

of exceeding maximum permissible concentrations of pollutant emissions

around 260

tonnes of emissions prevented

In 2020, we drafted the Emission Management Strategy complementing our 2025 Sustainable Development Strategy.

By 2025, we seek to reduce per-unit emissions by at least 5% compared to 2018.

How we reduce emissions:

  • Regulating combustion processes
  • Production upgrade, modernisation, and retrofit
  • Improving the efficiency of air purification and flaring systems

How we ensure effective control of emissions:

  • Installing automated metering solutions
  • Using mathematical models to control emissions
  • Designing smart video surveillance systems

Mandatory initiatives to reduce impact on the atmosphere:

  • Environmental control at emission sources and at the borders of sanitary zones in cooperation with certified laboratories
  • Internal laboratory control by in-house fixed and mobile laboratories
  • Continuous weather monitoring, taking necessary steps in case of adverse weather conditions
  • Maintaining an automated data collection and processing system
  • Ensuring compliance with effective equipment maintenance procedures, conducting scheduled inspections, diagnostics and timely maintenance of process equipment and gas treatment plants
  • Taking steps to improve reliability and secure accident-free operation of equipment

Waste management

SIBUR adopts a responsible approach to its environmental footprint. We roll out solutions designed to minimise waste, recycle or reuse it. The Company seeks to create products that involve the use of recycled waste, change people’s lives for the better, and create new opportunities for the society.

In 2020, SIBUR approved the Waste Management Strategy. Its targets became part of SIBUR’s 2025 Sustainable Development Strategy.

Key focus areas in waste management:

  • Initiatives to reduce and prevent waste generation
  • Initiatives to increase the share of recyclable waste and reduce waste sent to landfills
  • Improvement of the waste sorting system: phase out disposal of waste containing valuable components

Highlights (in 2020)

by 18%

The amount of generated waste dropped by 18% y-o-y, down to 52.1 kt.


The share of recyclable waste reached 40%, up 8% y-o-y

The Company prevented the loss of 15.3 kt of plastic pellets into the environment, with

45% sold, 53% reused in the production cycle, and the remaining 2% recycled.

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