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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

117218, Moscow, Krzhizhanovsky st., 16/1

Beware of scammers

Recently, cases of scammers on behalf of SIBUR to small businesses have become more frequent.

Fraudsters in a letter or by phone offer to take part in the competitive procedure of SIBUR. Later it turns out that participation requires a certificate, which must be purchased directly from the representative (fraudster), or other conditions that require a sum of money to be paid to the “representative” of the customer or intermediary.

In fact, there is no competitive procedure - the purpose of the scammers is to sell an expensive certificate. Immediately after this requirement is met, the scammers disappear.

Be vigilant, if you receive offers from the specified email addresses or phone numbers, we recommend that you contact law enforcement agencies.

Anokhina Tatyana Petrovna
tel.: +7(926)9091237

Astafin Ilya Sergeevich
tel.: +7(925)5612107

Russkikh Elizaveta Alexandrovna
mobile phone: +7(925)8544273,
work. : +7(499)3911890

Agorin Nikolay Vladimirovich
mobile phone: +7(925)8568213,
office: +7(499)3978417

Ekaterina N. Andreevna
Chief Information Officer, (Ekaterina N. Andreevna, CIO) acts on behalf of JSC SiburTyumenGaz, presumably using

Kirill Borisovich Romanov
acts as an "intermediary" together with Ekaterina N. Andreevna.

Dear clients and partners!

PJSC SIBUR Holding draws your attention to the actions of fraudsters who illegally represent themselves as SIBUR employees and send fictitious commercial offers on its behalf - to purchase products of the Company's enterprises at low prices, or to purchase equipment, materials and goods and materials from a counterparty under a direct supply agreement without a procedure bidding and deferred payment.

To mislead, attackers create duplicate websites (for example:,, of the official information resource of SIBUR Holding PJSC, which post false information in the section \"Contacts\", as well as register companies whose names are consonant with the Holding's divisions, but are not related to them (for example, \"SIBUR International LLP\"). To send emails, they use domains similar to the official ones (for example, «»), register accounts in social networks (for example,

Falsified statutory documents are sent to clients, the addresses of email senders are substituted (they are faked as official messages from existing employees, on whose behalf spam is sent and subsequent communication is carried out). Fraudsters carry out all communications only by e-mail and phone.

To protect against scammers and prevent possible material damage, we recommend that you follow the following:

  • PJSC SIBUR Holding does not sell its products through agency schemes, through third parties, and does not send emails and SMS indicating the list of products and prices
  • For standard deliveries and purchases of products, the Agreement is signed by a representative of the transaction initiator, acting by proxy. The General Director of LLC SIBUR and the Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC SIBUR Holding are not signatories to such documents
  • All telephone numbers and e-mail addresses (domain names) from which offers to purchase PJSC SIBUR Holding products come from must be checked against the information posted on the official website of SIBUR employees conduct official correspondence from email addresses registered in the corporate email domain
  • SIBUR employees conduct official correspondence from email addresses registered in the corporate email domain
  • Do not use the electronic links indicated in the requests received by you, because they can lead to duplicate sites
  • If necessary, demand a personal meeting and negotiations with the manager at the SIBUR office
  • We recommend calling SIBUR's head office at tel. +7 (495)777-55-00 and ask the operator to connect with the sales manager with whom the correspondence was conducted, or from whom the first call with a proposal for cooperation was received
  • If differences in the domain name are found in the correspondence, or other suspicions arise, you must send a request to the email address of the SIBUR manager you work with, or to the email address indicated on the SIBUR official website. Do not use the email addresses and phone numbers specified in the received message for verification

PJSC SIBUR Holding takes measures to timely identify and block domains and Internet resources used by fraudsters.

PJSC SIBUR Holding will provide the victims of fraudsters with the necessary assistance in initiating a complaint to law enforcement agencies.

PJSC SIBUR Holding is not responsible for possible risks associated with the use of any information from unverified sources.

If you suspect contact with alleged fraudsters, send information to the \"hot line\" email box of the Economic Security function of SIBUR LLC

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