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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

117218, Moscow, Krzhizhanovsky st., 16/1

Human capital

Our employees – are a close-knit and forward-looking team of like-minded professionals. We value and take pride in our employees.

SIBUR is a major employer across its footprint, providing stable employment and creating jobs in its service and contractor companies.

We bring the strongest experts together to design smart solutions. The Company offers career opportunities and remuneration terms that encourage personal development and ensure commitment to the Company’s success.

By fostering a culture of leadership and cooperation, we make our business more resilient and flexible. We cultivate a self-learning attitude within the team to fuel long-term growth. We fuse talents to complement each other’s skills and tackle unique challenges.

SIBUR is one of the best employers in Russia as evidenced by top industry rankings:


Gold status in the Forbes’ ranking of best employers

No. 1

Winner of the Universum top employers for experts and students 2021 rating in the chemical production category

No. 1

Best employer in the chemical industry according to experts and students polled by Randstad


Employer for its target audience according to FutureToday’s annual survey

No. 2

IT employer in the industry according to the ranking by ECOPSY and Habr

No. 8

In the technical jobs category among Top 50 companies featured in the Changellenge Best Award ranking

We consistently improve our corporate culture by promoting equal opportunities, fostering an inclusive environment and encouraging employees to contribute to the Company’s development.

Diversity and engagement

Development employers

Opportunities for professionals

SIBUR aspires to become the No. 1 global petrochemical player. To do it, we need joint efforts of a team of highly skilled experts capable of consistently delivering superior performance in the face of constant change. To this end, we are building an internal learning environment where training and development are each and every employee's both responsibility and opportunity.


SIBUR runs onboarding programmes to introduce new employees to the Company’s business, activities and corporate culture; these include onboarding, petrochemistry, compliance, and H&S, open digital platform for learning English, etc. Each new employee goes through an onboarding training, receives a newcomer’s information kit, and discusses tasks for the probationary period with their supervisor.

Training and development

SIBUR’s Corporate University is the centrepiece of its personnel training and development system. Its mission is to facilitate professional development of employees and team leaders, thus sharpening the Company's competitive edge in a rapidly changing world.

SIBUR’s training system pools talent for the Company’ business, shapes unified production and corporate culture across its sites, and enhances the Company's production and economic efficiency.

SIBUR is the nation’s first industrial company to receive for its Corporate University international CLIP accreditation, which was devised by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) to assess corporate learning quality systems:

  • 60+ hours of training per employee every year
  • 400+ corporate coaches
  • 1 500+ production mentors
  • 200+ programmes and courses for building corporate and professional competencies

Key training areas

Competence building

2020 saw the launch of SIBURINTECH, the Centre for the Development of Engineering and Technical Expertise (part of SIBUR’s Corporate University) in Tobolsk. It offers over 200 programmes for in-house engineers and workers.

The Corporate University runs programmes for honing hard and soft skills, including critical thinking, change management, and cross-functional interaction.


The Corporate University has an IT and Digital Competence department which helps employees explore the key concepts of digitalisation and Industry 4.0 and tools they have to offer.


The Corporate University runs an online course on sustainable development, which was included in SIBUR’s onboarding programme and is available to its employees and partners alike.

Educational partnerships

SIBUR offers corporate educational opportunities to clients, contractors, graduates, as well as school and university students. By spreading knowledge, raising the prestige of engineering jobs, and coordinating efforts with universities, we foster the development of the nation’s entire petrochemical industry.

SIBUR Business Practices online platform

SIBUR is happy to share with its partners best practices that the Company has already piloted successfully. To this end, we have developed SIBUR Business Practices, an educational platform that leverages various training formats: webinars, video lectures, online courses, and classroom training. In 2020, over 1 400 people among the Company’s clients and contractors attended webinars and online courses via this platform. 93% of the attendees expressed their intent to continue using SIBUR’s platform for learning.

Targeted training

SIBUR designed the Engineering Standard – a document that defines targeted training formats (including WorldSkills practices) for students at different levels of professional education. It is used by supportive educational institutions that train specialists for the petrochemical industry.

Support of vocational school education and early career guidance

Across its footprint, SIBUR runs IT education programmes (Codewards) and early English-learning programmes (English First), as well as updates and renovates school facilities.

As part of the Education national project, the Company teamed up with the Ministry of Education to launch SIBUR Workshops – a programme designed to promote engineering and technical professions among school and university students.

SIBUR supports projects run by the Sirius Education Centre, including its sustainability project involving roughly 2 700 gifted children.

Employee care

SIBUR’s incentive package includes life and health insurance, medical care, disability coverage, parental leave, financial aid, subsidised vouchers, and housing and commuting allowance.

On top of that, we also run additional healthcare and comprehensive support programmes for our employees.

Schools and Health Days

The Company has dedicated Health Days when employees can receive medical consultations and do prophylactic exercises. These days are spotlight acute and chronic diseases, preventive measures and treatment, self-help skills, and health risks mitigation.

Healthy eating plan

Our corporate catering system offers a wide range of healthy and nutritious meals, with some of them being subsidised by the Company.

SIBUR-Yug, corporate leisure centre

The centre is based in Anapa (Krasnodar Territory). SIBUR’s employees and their families can have a subsidised vacation and recuperate there.

Psychological support programme

SIBUR provides social and psychological support for employees and teams.

Medical safety

SIBUR seeks to protect the health of its employees by taking care of their career longevity, providing effective healthcare and medical infrastructure, introducing uniform medical safety standards, and fostering a culture of healthy lifestyles and a mindful approach to one's own health as well as the health of colleagues.

SIBUR Trade Union

The interests of the Company’s employees are represented by a trade union, with over 50% of our employees being members of this organisation. It provides legal and financial support to employees and holds sports and cultural events.

Sibur Kids programme

The programme covers art competitions and production site visits for children and provides New Year and Knowledge Day gifts.

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