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BIAXPLEN meets with foreign clients to discuss its BOPP film offering

BIAXPLEN held a webinar for its foreign clients titled Biaxplen BOPP films: flexible packaging and labels. The topics discussed included BIAXPLEN’s assortment of BOPP film grades, their applications, compliance with sustainable development principles, and new products in the pipeline. Representatives of 39 companies from Europe and the CIS took part in the event.

BIAXPLEN holds quarterly webinars for clients to align its grade range with their requirements. This meeting focused on films used in flexible packaging and labels.
Irina Lyubavina, Senior Product Development Expert:

“These webinars have proved useful and remain highly relevant. We want to be on the same page with our clients as they seek new solutions, which makes it important for us to understand their needs and industry trends. This interaction format has been driving our industry, helping us to develop and launch modern products every year and give our clients what they really need. Additionally, the webinars are a convenient tool for introducing our clients' new employees to our offering and building strong relationships following the staff changes that have been taking place at many companies.”

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International Media Relations, SIBUR

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