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Safety at Work

The SIBUR group recognizes its responsibility to society in matters of industrial safety and the provision of healthy and safe working conditions, and expects its staff to understand the complexity and scale of the Company’s commitments in this area.

The SIBUR group believes that its operations can be performed without harm to the life and health of its employees or the general public, and without accidents or incidents at the Company’s hazardous facilities.

The SIBUR group’s strategic objectives in the area of industrial safety and health are:

  1. To ensure a level of health and safety in hazardous operational facilities at which the risk of accidents and injuries is minimized, bearing in mind the latest         technological and social developments;
  2. To ensure safe operation of hazardous facilities, prevent accidents and be prepared to respond to any emergencies;
  3. To create conditions for sustainable operation and development through a system of prophylactic measures and ensuring full and timely compensation for unplanned losses;
  4. To protect human health and safety and improve working conditions.

The Company’s priorities in the area of health protection are:

  1. To develop and implement health and safety programmes and plans;
  2. To monitor performance;
  3. To coordinate measures designed to prevent accidents and occupational diseases in Company enterprises;
  4. To coordinate activities designed to ensure the required level of professional selection and training of enterprise staff;
  5. To ensure the safe operation of equipment and the safety of enterprise processes, buildings and installations;
  6. To ensure that employees are provided with personal protection equipment, optimal working conditions, treatment and prophylactic services and hygienic working conditions;
  7. To work with the state regulatory agencies to improve work safety;
  8. To supervise the application of advanced technologies, equipment, software etc. in the Company’s enterprises;
  9. To create a system of material and moral incentives designed to improve working conditions and prevent workplace injuries.