Main Sustainability Social policy

The relationship between SIBUR, as an employer, and its employees is based on the principle of equitable partnership. This is expressed in employees’ loyalty to the company, their efforts to improve their results, and in their high appreciation of the company’s management. In turn, SIBUR ensures its employees that it will observe their rights, provide an adequate evaluation of their professional qualities, associated with real successes in terms of career advancement, as well as fair material and moral incentives.

To ensure successful operations at SIBUR, it is necessary to demarcate the principles of corporate culture:

  • Collaboration
  • Trust, mutual respect and reliability
  • Delegation of authorities
  • Liability
  • Productivity
  • Transparency of operating results

Occupational safety, an incentive programme, training and staff development, and the provision of social benefits and guarantees – these are the key areas of the company’s social policy.