Main Employees

Staff compensation and benefits policy
Upon offering competitive wages, SIBUR requires its staff to achieve maximal efficiency and effectiveness. In terms of financial remuneration, significant attention is directed at stimulating performance through a bonus payment system, whereby employees who successfully cope with the objectives before them and who achieve results receive semi-annual and annual bonuses.

Career advancement
In terms of jobs and careers at SIBUR, this is handled on the basis of fair competition in relation to one’s talent, knowledge and effort. SIBUR ensures career advancement opportunities for all its employees regardless of age, sex, nationality, religion or political affiliation, or personal characteristics, pending that they do not interfere with the performance of their official duties and that they comply with the law and do not contradict the ethical principles of our society.

Talent pool
SIBUR runs a talent pool programme, which is aimed at identifying the most talented and promising employees, and offering them training and development. Participants in this programme undergo training at renowned business schools, particularly at the Stockholm School of Economics, as well as being considered priority candidates when managerial vacancies emerge at various levels. Vacant managerial positions at SIBUR are predominantly closed to consideration of internal candidates.

The company creates corporate standards that help employees to develop both managerial and professional skills. All employees have the opportunity to upgrade their professionalism and skill level.

SIBUR encourages and stimulates the growth and development of its employees within the Holding itself by allowing career advancement between its various companies. It also implements programmes for the additional material and social protection of such employees.

Healthy lifestyle
SIBUR pays considerable attention to maintaining the healthy lifestyle of its employees. The company’s staff members participate in the company’s sports competitions, arranged in the spheres in skiing, soccer, volleyball, basketball, weight-lifting, table tennis and chess. The company annually organises a corporate sporting event, involving more than 15,000 people.